zillmere crime rate

Within the crime scene was a small red hatchback, which was towed away about 1pm - after police spent hours monitoring, analysing and photographing it. I'm planning to get a place over in Meher Street. Over the years there has been a lot of negative publicity on the Zillmere area in general.

Most of the neighbors' are friendly and are either elderly long term residents or young families new to the area. I understand as a young woman you might feel threatened by those things - but the reality is that in a city of over a million people, these things happen everywhere.

It's also very convenient to Westfield Chermside, a couple of minutes drive away. I lived in Zillmere - Glasgow Street - for eight months and feared for my safety from the first week of signing my rental agreement when an intruder in my backyard tried to break in through the back door while my wife was home.

Train station a 5 minute walk.

My guess is they were living on the eastern side of the train station, towards the Taigum area. A social worker at the local youth community group told Daily Mail Australia there was a brawl near the PCYC just three weeks ago which involved local youths. She said Sudanese youths had repeatedly 'intimidated her' and demanded she hand over cash, and that they had no qualms about destroying public property. Zillmere is not a nice place to live.

An apartment.

It really is close to everything but still quiet.

I dont think the area is any worse than surrounding suburbs really. Data excludes incidents occuring in correctional facilities. My letter box has been broken into 3 times and items stolen. Not the safest place: lock your doors, windows and cars.

HI Kate, You have described the area to a T. Yes the Govt needs to step it up & clean up the area. Go over the train line to the east and there may be an element of unsafety but the pros outweigh the cons in this suburb. The Rates are calculated using the population data were obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics publication: Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2009-2010 (cat. A red car believed to be connected to the brawl was towed away from the crime scene about 1pm on Monday, This map shows the number of offences committed throughout Zillmere from June 2020 to September 2020, Bloodied bandages were left at the scene where a man died on Sunday night, Friends have explained Girum was simply 'in the wrong place at the wrong time' at the time of his death. '34 was never a gang, it was a family and the media and people twisted it to the point y'all made them a target by a real p***y bunch of n****s that ambushed my brothers and girls.

Police remained at the crime scene throughout Monday, The owner of nearby stores told Daily Mail Australia he never experienced much trouble with the youths, who regularly played basketball down at the local courts, 'We're watching this car because it's involved somehow.

Beautifully kept green sporting fields, kids walking home from school bus stops, Woolworths being nearby, the Post man was always friendly... things which created a nice sense of community. I don't want to sit in my lovely garden and hear white trash walking down the street screaming obsenities at each other, or worry about locking up my apartment like fort Knox.

Recently big widening works are going on around Murphy/Edison roads. A woman who claims to have 'watched her friend bleed out' insisted they were ambushed and are not part of a 'gang' but a 'family'. I dont think the area is any worse than surrounding suburbs really.

Crime Statistics for New South Wales (2007-2011) Also in archive (2006) Browsing: Australia > Queensland > Brisbane > Brisbane And Moreton > Zillmere(4034) Note: Crime statistics … I do feel bad, but I'm offering my experiences and opinion of Zillmere so that other people can make an informed choice on where to live. In the CBD where I work I regularly get asked for money or smokes.

And just recently, a townhouse near me was broken in to and stuff was stole, and two weeks later my car was broken in to while parked out side my house. A hidden treasure - time to share it with those not in the know. Specifically, we are near the Taigum Centro shops which is generally a quiet pocket with larger blocks of land. Taigum Centro, Chermside Westfield, Hypermarket & Aspley Coles all within two minute drive. On Sunday night, members of warring 'gangs' allegedly began fighting behind the local PCYC on a soccer field, resulting in the death of 19-year-old Girum Mekonnen, Police from Brisbane city patrolled the scene of the crime, near PCYC Zillmere, on Monday, A number of people sustained wounds during the attack. Sold up, cut my losses and left. I live on the Taigum side of the railway station and although there is a larger degree of housing commission than surrounding suburbs, I love the area. I bought here five years ago and the suburb is definitely on the move, many houses are being renovated or replaced & there are lots of new good looking units\townhouses going up which give Zillmere a modern feel. I have lived here since 2004.

There are a number of clubs and restaurants, my favourite is the Aspley Leagues club on Kirby Road, good value. It's never been that bad before.'. This is Zillmere, mate,' he said. I won't do my groceries after 6pm, its just not worth the risk.

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