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Dirty Dee: Yeah hehehehe Cappatown my ASS! Fortunately, the fictional Pootie (as played by ”The Chris Rock Show” writer-performer Lance Crouther) isn’t even trying to make sense with dialogue like ”I’m gonna sine your pitty on the runny kine” and ”Sepatown!”, What began as a one-shot sketch on Rock’s HBO show featuring a slick ladies man with a gift of incomprehensible gab will now test the limits of movie audience endurance.

See wikiquote for a more complete list. On ”The Chris Rock Show,” the Pootie skits kept getting wackier and wackier. the expression itself is a slang way of saying "pretty thing", whether said sincerely or when ridiculing a conceited person. Pootie Tang: ...Cole me down on the panny sty?

His father gives him a "magic" belt - the very same belt he's disciplined with - on his deathbed. Narrator: Dirty Dee is still dirty... because he's Dirty Dee dammit! He like the da Vinci of ass-kickin'. These films feature black characters, and capitalize on current trends, niches, or controversies in order to attract viewership and become financially successful.

-. Needs major rewrite. the word is – not how mean it is.).

many interpretations and usages, yet usually refers to normal acquaintances "Sa Da Tay." this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The picture gets there right? Let me go get my double belts!”. The current budget source is from BoxOfficeMojo and appears to be an estimate with no source. The other characters understand him almost perfectly, though that doesn’t stop miscommunications from occurring. But when an evil corporation uses a super-ho named Ireenie (Jennifer Coolidge from Best in Show and Legally Blonde) to steal this magic belt, Pootie must find himself again. Cigarettes/Fast food = Netatai Baddy!\" - an example of Pootie Tang's idiosyncratic speech offered early in the film. Pootie Tang’s language is peppered with slang words that the viewer couldn’t possibly know. It's notable enough that even though I had no idea what it really was before reading the entry, I knew the phrase.

That's How exclusive A Biggie Shorty Party is. They don't let no Light in, They don't let no Electricity in, They don't let no Water in, They don't let no Air in! J.B.: That was only the second time someone had been mauled to death by a gorilla in that factory in that month! In the title role, Lance Crouther glides through the movie like Isaac Hayes's skinny younger brother, while Chris Rock lends his trademark bark to multiple roles, including Pootie's father. Will add a separate discussion point regarding something else on this issue. As a child, Pootie Tang has his mother die and his father raise him just briefly. Dozens of fake Pooties suddenly show up. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. I guess I’m just worried about being famous only as Pootie Tang. The titular character, Pootie Tang, is a parody of characters that appear in blaxploitation films popular in the 1970s.

Should this be updated? Louis CK wrote/directed the film. When people reference this film, they usually throw in a bit of the character’s language. This is one of the funnier lines of the movie. A Pootie Tang knows when/where/why/how to act like a bad-ass motherfucker in a respectful and proper manner while being a role model for children and treating the ladies with respect. 2 Nov. 2020. Robert Leaver, “Pootie Tang Speaks A Language All His Own,”. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA Definitions include: time spent having sex. P - Bam-Uh-Lam-E-----Sadatay - Word up; What up (Also see Wadata) E - "Yo Pootie" "Sa da tay" P - … It’s word for word. Sipi-tai! Definitions include: Possibly a misspelling of the French "a` tout a` l'heure", meaning "see you later". We needed someone to interview him to introduce the character to people who hadn’t seen the show, and I was writing ”On the Record” with Bob for HBO, and he was a big fan of Chris’ show. According to Louis C.K., the confusion is very intentional. Definitions include: to finalize an arrangement. ”It was fun, but I’m a writer. Pootie is part movie star, part superhero, righting wrongs with the slap of his daddy's belt.

I don't question the existence of a loose group of people calling themselves the "Pootie Tang Coalition", nor that there are "budding chapters" elsewhere, but I do think that it needs to be much more established as a group in order to be included in this article. As if keeping the whole Puff Daddy/P. Google has been lying about the penalty against this site for years. "Dirty Dee, you're a baddy daddy lamatai tabby chai! Definitions include: to have sexual intercourse. Was there a major event (star's last movie, first movie filmed in Cinemascope, bankruptcy of the studio) associated with it? Was it a significant landmark in cinema history?

A slang term for vagina derived from the Latin root word poot, which means vagina, and tan, which means tight. Definitions include: to defeat comprehensively. Most recently, I’m getting blinds in my apartment, and the blinds guy from Sears is measuring my window. E - "Hey Pootie, you doin' good?" on Sep 05 2003. Corporate America - embodied in Dave Atell, and "Lecter Corp." - attempts to seize Pootie's voice (20,000,000 USD is offered) which Pootie refuses on moral grounds ("That's a canapan to the semachai") with a "nay-no" [see below]]. Did this movie win any awards? Pootie Tang as a term is typically used when people reference the movie or discuss its title character. Here are some examples of his vocabulary. The absolute accuracy of this is the fun part. The picture gets there, right? STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Penna tine on my damie kays; Ima crighty pooster, ima crighty pooster!". Track that change and IP ban for stupidty. Last edited on Mar 16 2011. Definitions include: to kick a female in the groin. See more words with the same meaning: vulva ('vagina'), female genitalia . Pootie Tang’s language is peppered with slang words that the viewer couldn’t possibly know. Pootie Tang is a 2001 American comedy film written and directed by Louis C.K. But I did get some gasoline and some matches in case anyone tried to ship that stuff to me.

Pootie Tang ’s language is peppered with slang words that the viewer couldn’t possibly know.

That specific point in the "extra facts" does not adhere to one of the fundamental Wikipedia guidelines of Verifiability, nor does it adhere to Wikipedia spam guidelines. Slick dancing moves, fly clothes, and and ass-whippin' belt aren't required but are certainly … Pootie Tang pushes blaxploitation to the point of surrealism. How did Pootie become a crime-fighting superstar, anyway? Definitions include: to have sexual intercourse with a woman. All right! Although Pootie Tang speaks in a completely unintelligible jive, everyone he meets seems to understand him. In the tradition the solitary hero - Odysseus, Cuchulainn, and so on - Pootie has friends, not be relied on for sustenance, but friends nevertheless. Pootie is part movie star, part superhero, righting wrongs with the slap of his daddy's belt.

Submitted by Lorraine from Toronto, ON, Canada ". This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 21:35. I’m all about shirts and shorts. (talk) 02:54, 31 August 2011 (UTC). Definitions include: spelling variant of "haha". parody, he was just a big huge celebrity. Pootie is part movie star, part superhero, righting wrongs with the slap of his daddy's belt. Although Pootie Tang speaks in a completely unintelligible jive, everyone he meets seems to understand him. Only the third time a man had been mauled by a gorilla at that steel mill! I never ad-libbed. Whenever it’s mentioned, people often like to quote one of the character’s nonsense phrases. You know What, Nobody we know can get in this party Man. --fvw* 04:12, 2004 Nov 26 (UTC), Why does Lance Crouther link back here? Quotes.net. “never forget that Louis C.K. His father gives him a \"magic\" belt - the very same belt he's disciplined with - on his deathbed. When I first had to do it on the show it was rough, but when I got over it I was pretty much over it. As if keeping the whole Puff Daddy/P. Adapted from a comedy sketch that first appeared on The Chris Rock Show, the character Pootie Tang is a satire of the stereotyped characters who appeared in old blaxploitation films. Pootie Tang: Ain't come one, but many tine tanies! ", "You ain't come one, but many tine tanies". But it’s cool that people like her loved Chris’ show and wanted to be a part of it. --, This page was last edited on 20 October 2017, at 01:48. As for the VfD above, I personally saw the movie on HBO and liked it. No? Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

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